The Star Celebration
Hollywood Mayor, Johnny Grant with Janice Williams and Guy Williams, Jr. at the Walk of Fame celebration.
This lovely badge was created by our own Jill Panvini for the star ceremony.  Jill brought with her an entire box.Thank heavens for Jill!  Once signed, we could easily recognize each other.
The City of Los Angeles declared the day "Guy William's Day".
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where many of our members stayed and the star luncheon took place.
Yes indeed!  Guy finally has his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard.
Fernando Lupiz on the Walk of Fame with Elise, Annamaria and Luisella.
Zorro cast members surround the family at a photo session at the star ceremony on Hollywood Blvd.  Among the guests were Suzanne Lloyd (Rachel), Anthony Caruso (Capitan Ortega), Don Diamond (Corporal Reyes), Paul Piercini (Pietro Murietta), Tony Russo (Martinez and Avila), Buddy Van Horne (stuntman), Richard Anderson (Ricardo), Jolene Brand (Anna Maria), Patricia Medina (Margarita) and the Williams Family.
Top Row:  Britt Lomond (Monastario), Patricia Medina, Richard Anderson, Jolene Brand, and Buddy Van Horne
Bottom Row:  Barbara Luna (Teresa), Janice Williams, Toni Williams, and Don Diamond
Jolene Brand attended the ceremony with her husband, producer George Schlatter.  Jolene, who played Anna Marie was asked to say a few words.
Guy Jr. waits for the Walk of Fame Ceremony.  In the background are several "Friendslist members".