The Star Celebration
 August 2nd, 2001
Thanks to the efforts of many fans, Guy Williams was finally given the recognition he richly deserved on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The day was chosen - Thursday August 2, 2001.  What a spectacular day it was with so many Hollywood dignitaries, the Williams Family, Zorro and the Lost In Space cast members, GWFriends, fans, reporters, photographers all joining together at the unveiling.  With cameras in hand we watched with pride as a plaque was given to Guy's son by the Hollywood Mayor, Johnny Grant.  There were many speeches and photos taken.  Soon the Williams family (Janice, Guy Jr., Toni and her son, Nando) unveiled the star. 
 Our members who were lucky enough to make the trip to California have shared many of their thoughts, experiences and wonderful pictures with our list.  On the following pages I have posted some of the great pictures of the ceremony, luncheon, dinner at La Golondrina, Friday's journey and the memorable trip on Saturday to the Mission San Luis Rey.

        To Guy Williams we say thank you for all the wonderful memories and for bringing us together.
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