The commandante's hidden past has surfaced only to bring him very close to death. Will he survive only to be brought down by another mysterious stranger or will Zorro extend a helping hand to his one time adversary. This is the sequel to The Return, also archived on this site.


The characters of Zorro, Diego, Alejandro, Bernardo, Anna Maria, Monastario, Leonar, Garcia, Corporal Reyes, Licenciado Pina, Padre Felipe, Don Grigorio, the Governor are all based on the Walt Disney Zorro series of the l950's. All other characters are of my own creation and may not be used except with my permission.

Author's note:

As a child I loved the Zorro show. It paralleled the lessons of honesty, friendship, love, respect and duty that my own parents taught me. Growing up in the 50's made me believe that all things are possible and not everyone is all bad. I truly believe that Zorro saw some redeeming quality in Monastario and therefore I developed an idea which might explain the commandante's cruel behavior.

                                                                                     Rochelle Dubrow
                                                                                     June 2000

The Reformation