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Britt is most remembered for his prominent role as Capitan Enrique Sanchez Monastario, the dastardly villian of Disney's very successful "Zorro" series.  Even though Britt starred in only thirteen episodes, many believe him to be the best villain and adversary of Zorro.   During each of those memorable thirteen episodes, we were treated to some of the finest fencing scenes between Monastario, the clever and evil villian, and Zorro, the righteous guardian of the poor.

A very accomplished fencer, Britt was one of the actors to test for the desirable role as Zorro.  He studied fencing at the New York Fencing Club with Masters Nederkerchner and Pichard while finishing his studies at New York University.  Later in Los Angeles he fenced under the watchful eye of Ralph Faulkner at the Faulkner Fencing Academy.   However, it was not until his studies with the Master Aldo Nadi that Britt become one of the best television and motion picture swordsman.  Britt turned down his amatuer standing to turn pro and soon accepted the plum role as fencing double to Mel Ferrer in Scaramouche.  His fine talents attracted Walt Disney and Norman Foster and soon landed him an audition for the role of Zorro.

Losing out to Guy Williams in the role of Zorro turned out to be a plus for the handsome, young actor.  The part of the dashing but ever evil commandante seemed to be made for him.  No one could have portrayed this part with so much villiany that the fans still love to hate this man. 
Britt was born April 12, l925 of Scottish decent.  He met his lovely wife, Diane, when she was a casting agent for one of the major studios. He and Diane have been together for over 40 years.  They have two grown children, a son and daughter, of whom they are very proud.  Britt for the most part retired from show business after a very successful and enjoyable career behind the camera.  He has been assistant director on many television shows and worked with the artist known as Prince on "Purple Rain".  He is most fond and proud of his work on the cult epic "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour in which he was production manager.  Yet Britt's fans most admire him for his part of Monastario, the dapper and handsome young Spanish officer of Disney's still successful "Zorro" series. 
Britt served in the armed forces during World War II for thirty-nine months and continued his service in the Korean conflict for eighteen months.  He was a paratrooper and much

My dear friend, Britt Lomond, passed away March 22, 2006.  Britt was one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to meet.  Unlike the villainous, Capitan Monastario, Britt was a kind and loving man, repected by all.
His memory will always remain in my heart
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