Monastario's Journal Entry
Dear Journal -

This is perhaps the last opportunity I will have to write for quite a while.? I am awaiting armed transportation to Monterey where I suspect I shall be dishonorably discharged.? I may even face criminal charges.
As I reflect on this day, I try to reconstruct how a day could begin so well and end in such dismal failure? When I awoke, I had a plan and a purpose.? I knew at last the true identity of Zorro.? I sent Sergeant Garcia to bring Diego de la Vega to me.? I knew that I could gain a confession from him, but even if I did not, I would have him convicted and hanged as the outlaw I knew him to be.? After that, without Zorro to hinder my future plans, I would be free to once again bring Los Angeles under my control.
The announcement of the Viceroy's unexpected visit could have unnerved me.? However, I had been suspecting some sort of follow up visit from Monterey ever since Judge Vasca reported back to the Governor.? A moment after I learned about the Viceroy's approach,, I realized that it could not happen at a more fortunate moment.? I would unmask Zorro in front of the Viceroy himself!? What better evidence that I was in control of matters in this area?? I would dispose of a notorious outlaw, rid myself of the curse Zorro had laid upon my back since the moment de la Vega came back from Spain, and impress the Viceroy all in a single action.

When I saw the Viceroy's lovely daughter, I knew that my future would be sealed with gold.? She did fancy me, and I believe that in time, given the oportunity, I could have won her heart.? Imagine, me married to a viceroy's daughter!? I would be promoted to Colonel at the very least.

My dinner with the Viceroy, his daughter, and the dons went wonderfully well.? The Viceroy had visibly relaxed, and I could tell that the report he would give the Governor would be a glowing one.? My crowning glory would be unmasking California's most dangerous outlaw - captured by none other than me.

It was at this point when everything began to come apart at the seams.? I had de la Vega dressed in my replica of the costume Zorro always wore.? There was no doubt in my mind that I had the right man.? Nothing that occurred since then has caused me to change my mind.? I remain convinced that Diego de la Vega is Zorro.

Unfortunately, de la Vega knew the Viceroy and his family.? This gave de la Vega an opportunity to plead his case that he would not otherwise have had.? Under no other circumstances than a personal plea would the Viceroy order me from the room or order my lancer to change into Zorro's costume.?
Even after I mistakenly identified my lancer as Zorro, I was not without hope.? I would still be able to prove that de la Vega was Zorro by forcing him into a duel.? Faced with the prosepect of losing his life, he would confess the truth.? Of this I also remain convinced.

I wish I knew the identity of the person out on the pueblo street who rode by in a Zorro outfit and threw the knife and message at the door.? It must be someone closely identified with the de la Vegas.? Had I been allowed to investigate, I would have had him hanging right next to Diego himself.

I was not afforded the opportunity to argue my case any further.? The Viceroy ordered my immediate arrest, and here I now sit, awaiting his pleasure.? He will take me to Monterey and put me on trial.? I cannot believe that all is lost.? I have worked too hard for too many years to leave Los Angeles empty handed.? I will have my day in court, and I will pronounce that Diego de la Vega is Zorro.? Whether or not I am set free, that truth will be in the public consciousness.

I hear the wheels of the prison carriage.? I close for now with a heavy heart but with hope that one day I will be able to clear my name, be restored to my command, and return to Los Angeles where I will once again resume my fight against the demon who call himself Zorro.

Enrique Sanchez Monastario, Commandante
The pueblos de Los Angeles
Journal uncovered by MaryAnn Beverly.