Rochelle "Rocky" Dubrow]
The characters of Zorro, Diego, Alejandro, Bernardo, Anna Maria, etc. that were used by Disney have been borrowed and used by me to fulfill a dream.  I watched the show as a child and grew to love the characters.  I was so unhappy that the show ended so abruptly. 

In my fantasies I dreamed that Diego would marry his love, Anna Maria, after "A Visit".  Later Capitan Monastario would "Return" from Spain to cause problems for the newlyweds.  However, the Capitan would soon meet someone who would cause a "Reformation" in him and "A New Beginning" would take place.in the lives of the characters who gave me so much pleasure as a child. 

I hope you find the same enjoyment in my short stories.]
The second addition of my Zorro collectible is now ready.  The book published in 2008 is a must for any collector oof Disney or Zorro.

The price of the guide is $24.95.

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