A New Beginning

With the help of Zorro, Monastario has reunited with Leonar and the capitan's past has come to light.  Will Monastario take advantage of this new beginning and change his arrogant, evil ways.


The characters of Zorro, Diego, Alejandro, Bernardo, Anna Maria, Monastario, Leonar, Garcia, Reyes, Pina, Padre Felipe, Don Grigorio, the Governor are all based on the Walt disney Zorro series of the l950's.  All other characters are of my own creation and may not be used except with my permission.

Authors's Note:

The Walt Disney Zorro TV Show and the wonderful characters that they created have been dormant inside me for many years.  With the onset of the Disney Channel's Vault Disney Zorro, my feelins have been reawakened.  Writing the three stories have been a continuation of the show as I see it and may or may not be how Disney would have interpreted the show.